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“So here is all my praise

Expressed with all my heart

Offered to the friend who took my place

And ran a course I could not start

And when He saw in full

Just how much His love would cost

He still went the final mile between me and heaven

So I would not be lost

Were it not for grace

I can tell you where I'd be

Wandering down some pointless road to nowhere

With my salvation up to me

I know how that would go

The battles I would face

Forever running but losing the race

Were it not for grace“ - @HarrisLarnelle

Do you understand where you’d be without the Grace freely provided at the cross?

I hope you do.

I hope this touched you today. When He saw what His love would cost and though He understood the magnitude of what He would endure, He STILL went to the cross willingly so YOU would not be lost.

Thank you, Jesus for doing that for me, “…while we were yet sinners…” with no regard for the sacrifice. He gave up His life… for you and for me.

Were it not for Grace? I can indeed tell you where I’d be. And it isn’t pretty.

So let’s extend grace to others today in light of this magnificent gift.




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