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Elevation Worship Better Word
Nothing But The Blood

"What can wash away the guilty stains

After all the wrong I've done?

Nothing but the blood.

A better Word was spoken." - @Elevation Worship

What makes this song so #relevant and #good? #Truth. Nothing touches, #corrects, #uplifts, #frees and #inspires more than the truth.

This world is quick and anxious to point out our wrongs, sins, and shortcomings. Yet, on the #cross those many years ago, a better Word was spoken over our sins; " is finished."

Those three words mean, that the #guilt, #shame and #weight of our human side that can not help but fall short of God's amazing and pure nature, was #overcome by the #sacrifice He made for us.

So today, as many others have, choose to leave your shame where the nails were... on the cross... permanently #forgiven and #overcome.

What freedom to rest in this amazing truth today.

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