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"When the storm's out on the ocean

And the violent wind get to blowing...

Take me back to my first love...

Where I first saw the light...

Where I first gained my sight...

Take me back

[to] the cross where my Jesus died...

There to my heart was the blood applied

Glory to His name, [His] precious name..." @MaverickCityMusic

When the storms of life rage around you, find a place to quiet your soul and allow yourself to remember your first love... not the person you thought would be your partner for life... no. Rather, back to where your heart first met #Love in the form of the Savior's selfless death on the cross and understood what He did for YOU there. Where the Father applied the blood of Jesus to your heart as payment, in full, for all your sins.

The SAME GOD that right now, in all your very real moments, posses the power to calm the storms, to overcome the worry and fear, and to set you FREE!




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