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"Are you doing okay?"

Flying Over Vista View Park
Flying over Vista View Park, Burnsville, MN.

As you lead, and live life, take notice of the power subtle nuance can have.

Think of it this way;

Most people try to be caring and engaging by asking, "How are you doing". It's a fine question. Demonstrates by its wording that the asker is interested in the condition of the person being asked, but does allow for an easy out for the asker by seemingly obliging the responder to say, "doing okay" or "fine" so as not burden the asker with the obligation of sharing in their burdens.

Perhaps just one subtle change that can be made is this... "are you doing okay?" This question offers the grace of an understanding that the responder is, like most people, possibly going through something and it is not only okay with you, but that you are providing bandwidth to be heard. Additionally, it may be the only time that day that they felt heard, cared about, or even recognized. They may still not give you a straight answer, and it may not lead to a beautiful, deep, and bloggable moment, but I am willing to bet that you will find yourself impacting others more than ever before, with this one simple change.

What other sublte changes do you think we can make?

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